The Experimentation and Positive Influence of Indie Games
Travis Lionel

This brings joy to me as I love the big games just as much as the next person but I truly believe video games to exist in indie development. I have far more favorite indie games than that of big ticket bangers that its abysmal to think indie games aren't given the appreciation that they deserve because of the outliers that abuse the genre. It upsets me greatly when my roomate refuses to engage in an indie game solely on the basis that its graphics are too cartoony or not realistic enough. He focuses on games such as uncharted and Call of Duty which drives me up a wall. Ori and the Blind Forest, Child of Light, Transistor, Braid, Starbound, Hello Neighbor, etc. are all lost on him because of the visuals not being realistic. It pains me everyday so its good to see indie games making an impact to someone.

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