SQL interface for real time stream processing on Apache Kafka.

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Last few weeks were really interesting as I got to know about this really cool framework called KSQL by Confluent and that’s why I thought of writing this article so that more people can know about it — in a little less technical and easy to understand way. So let’s begin from the beginning:

KSQL? — KSQL is a streaming SQL engine that enables real-time data processing on Apache Kafka by running SQL like queries on Kafka topics. Read more text on the official site.

Confluent? — Confluent…

Initializer block Vs Static block Vs Constructor in Java

Hello Javadevelovers,

In the previous post we discussed about when an initializer block, constructor or static block gets called, have a look at that post also if you haven’t read it yet. And in this post we will discuss on when should we use which among these three.

Let’s start the discussion with:

Constructor : Constructors are used to create and initialize objects. Whenever we use new keyword to create an object, a constructor gets called. If we do not implement any constructor, Java provides a default constructor to create objects. …

Initializer block Vs Static block Vs Constructor in Java

This is my first article and being a Java deve-lover, it has to be a Java code :)

Here, I am going to discuss about constructor, static block and initializer block. All of them are used to initialize classes. So, without spending any time on theory, let’s quickly look on some code snippet.

In the snippet below, we have a class comprising of a constructor, static block, initializer block and a parametrized constructor. …

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