Regional Celebration of Kartika Purnima And Its Significance

Kartika Purnima is celebrated on the fifth lunar day (full moon day) of the Kartika month. This festival is marked as the day to worship many gods such as –Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva, Kartikeya and Goddess Tulsi. Every festival has some associated significance and the celebration of the fest predominately depends on the region and the states. Devotees visit various ghats and temples to commemorate the last day of the saintliest month of the year. Let’ now know the pious significance of this one-day fere.

Divine Significance of this day

  • This day is considered very propitious as on Kartik Purnima ‘Matsya’-Lord Vishnu Fish-personification (Avatar) took birth and protected the First man- Manu from ‘Maha Pralay’.
  • This fest is also memorialized as the birthday of Vrinda’ who was the beautiful incarnation of the Goddess ‘Tulsi’ and Lord ‘Kartikeya’ (son of Lord Shiva).
  • A very special day to remember Radha- Krishna’s unconditional love as there is a belief that Lord Krishna worshiped Radha and they played ‘Rasa’ to solemnize their true love.
  • People also recollect memories to pay homage to their ancestors and get blessings and love from their forefathers.
  • According to Hindu Mythology, An oblation (Shakamedhah) has been performed to accomplish victory over foes.
  • This day is celebrated as the Birthday of Guru Nanak Sahab.
  • Legends say, if this seraphic day falls in the Nakshatra (lunar mansion)Krittika, then this fest becomes more divine and thus named as Maha Kartika. However, if it falls on ‘Rohini Nakshatra’, then the outcomes and results are more effective and advantageous.
  • As per the Hindu calendar, Kartika Purnima indicates the ending of the Kartika Month and thus termed as ‘Deepotsavam’ and ‘Ganga Mahotsava’.
  • There is a saying if you accomplish any charitable and benevolent acts then there is a possibility of getting blessings and advantages equal to‘Ten Yagnas’.
  • The celebration of this day is also linked with Lord Kartikeya (Skanda or Kumara) who destroyed the demon- Tarakasur power.

Celebration in different parts of India

  • Prodigious ‘Kartikeshwar’ deities are built in the city of ‘Cuttack’ and at the night time, they have been taken in a carcade to worship nearby Shiva Temple and thereupon immersed in ‘Mahanadi’ River.
  • In Karnataka, on the day of Kartika Poornima, ‘’Shiva Linga Maharaja Abhishekam is espied to please Lord Shiva.
  • Andhra Pradesh people observe a special Fast- Bhakteshwara Vratam on Kartika Purnima and ‘Anantagiri Jathara’ is commemorated at Ananthagiri Anantha Padmanabha Swamy
  • Interminable devotees in Rajasthan and Gujarat do ‘Tulsi-Vishnu Vivah’ on this day and perform various Puja Ceremonies with much verve.

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Originally published at on October 26, 2017.