Saw A Dream Of Someone Dying? It Is A Message For You!

Dreams are an integral part of our physiological system. It is scientifically believed that dreams help us maintain a restful sleep. According to latest research, dreaming is as a sign of a healthy mind and it helps the brain to transfer the thoughts from our temporary memory to our permanent memory. Many times, we dream about instances which are related to one’s personal life or related to one’s loved ones. If one sees someone dying who is not closely related, we usually ignore the dream; but if that person is one of our loved ones, then it fuels our curiosity to find out the meaning of such a dream.

But what does it really mean if you dream about someone dying? In order to satisfy their curiosity, people usually talk to priests or fortune tellers, or any other person who can help them in knowing the truth, but one should know that different people interpret dreams in different ways and without any proper reference the exact reality cannot be understood.

What does it mean when you see someone dying?

  • Psychological disturbances

Human mind comprises of two parts, the conscious state and the subconscious state. Both states are separate when we are awake, but while sleeping they may combine. The things that we experience during the conscious state can pass onto our subconscious state and this can be the reason of seeing someone’s death in our dreams. A trauma, shock, or an unfavorable condition can play a big role in developing these disturbances.

  • Indication of Pregnancy

According to ancient beliefs, if a woman sees someone dying in her dreams it is an indication that she will be getting pregnant soon. Although, there is no scientific research that has proved this concept, it is a fairly popular even today.

  • Incomplete Personality

According to another theory, it is said that if you have a dominating or possessive person in your surroundings, then you have such dreams in which you see that person dying.

  • Disgracing the Possessed Quality

There is a totally different and opposite theory, which says that if you are blessed with extra ordinary qualities and if you are not utilizing them, then you will see someone dying in your dreams. This is a feeling of disgrace that the qualities are not being appreciated.

  • Betrayal

One of the most popular and accepted theories of seeing death in dreams are the feeling of vengeance and hate. One can naturally develop a sense of hate for individuals who has been good to you or has betrayed you, or if a person who has caused you to be separated from your loved ones. Read more…..

Originally published at on August 29, 2017.