Colours ! 
Strongly remember maroon
Nothing else in that doom
Scorching, piercing , unbearable uh..
Swallowing every inch of truh..

Just short of few clints
Snaps our lapsed last pearl tints
Thinking how to fill those fissures
All I've left with are stones and scissors

Look that Lego peeking at me
Or Signalling choco cerelac's drop at knee

Now, where's your urge ,
Your vanity
In vain?
Ha! just made you a still staring Gacy Wayne

Counting at shore of Marion
Unleashing bitterness
Imparting shades of trellis
Those thirsty waves from wess

Waiting for eyes 
At Dong
Stuck in reverse
Like a mong

Biting cluttered stony prisoners
Triggering 3.16 sec heavy lids ,
Aching heart 
Hell no! No! right now.. right now..

Hedonism of my armour propre
Began with ,
At Marion

Habit blurted out ;
Were those 5 letters
Poignant reminder of passing of time
Or again a tibb 
Which she couldn't get rid off..

- Devesh Kumar