Monitor your WooCommerce Store on the Go

Why do you need a WooCommerce App?

Imagine you’re an online store owner of a famous painting shop. And every new order is very important to you. But say, when you’re away from your computer and you get a new order, what will you do?

So, to solve this issue you’d need an App that can inform you about that order and then, you can take next necessary steps to complete that order for shipping. Moreover, the App should allow you to track your sales on daily basis.

What are some good Apps that allow you those features?


WooCommerce is famous because of its various functionalities, ease of use, easy installation, etc, but what makes this platform even better is the ability to add free plugins. These Plugins will give your store some extra functionalities. These functionalities depend on your needs and requirements.

One of those free plugins includes StorePep WooCommerce App Integration.

StorePep| Image Credit: StorePep

This plugin is combined with StorePep App to give you the power to manage and monitor your WooCommerce Store on the go. It helps you to,

  • Track your store Sales
  • Track your daily income, your total sales, number of items sold, etc
  • Change the order status right from your phone
  • Change Stock status and quantity
  • Manage customer’s billing or shipping address
  • Get instant alerts on new order, order status change, etc
Push notification

This App is really amazing and you should definitely try it.

WooCommerce Mobile Assistant

This is another App that offers similar functionalities to that of StorePep.

WooCommerce Mobile Assistant| Image Credit: Google Play Store

This App offers a great visual representation of your store statistics using graphs. You can easily check out the store performance in a particular time duration. You can see the orders and products, but this App does not allow you to edit anything.

You do get the push notification on this App. In addition, this App offers a unique feature that other Apps don’t, to add a Widget. This widget stays on your home screen and displays the basic information like the number of orders placed on a particular day, number of newly registered customers to your store and the overall total sales.

Mobile Assistant Widget

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