You have finished college. So far you have had many projects and internships, or you have developed several projects on your own.

You somehow managed to fill the CV. You’ve graduated now and there are thousands of people in the same situation. It seems like the real world war is beginning, isn’t it?.

So, what are you going to do now? Every generation has its own challenges. Ours are technology, fast consumption, and high-level competition. You’re going to have to find something that makes you look different in the segment of your specialty.

Uh, we found a trick for that.

All the works of a person or institution. The dictionary corresponds to meanings such as Documentation, Briefcase, Document.

References can be interpreted as a file of works have done and experiences. The CV-like structure is actually a document that explains your work in a more comprehensive way, including a resume.

For example, it is considered a good portfolio work when a student who is studying interior architecture exhibits what he/she can do by putting together a comprehensive drawing, and projects he/she has done during his / her education.

A portfolio is a tool that makes it easier for people to evaluate the person and helps them make healthy opinions.

It can be used for job interviews, job applications…

Having a portfolio is crucial in today’s world. Everyone talks and brags about their deeds, but only a few of them are able to show off their work.

Here are the ten rules to keep in mind when creating one.

1. Showcase your best works

Pick the best ones among your projects. While thinking about which projects to choose, be a bit ruthless to yourself. Surely, choose the best for your projects. Put at least 3, at most 7 of your projects. More than 7 projects can be boring. …

It all started with a website created by a mobile developer prince. Simple, understandable, focused.

It only has basic things about himself and the things he has done so far. His purpose was clear: Showcasing his works to all people (technical or non-technical)

He put his website on his almost every social media bios. Then, people started to ask -especially developers- ‘looks simple and clear, can you send your codes? so we can customize it for ourselves’ then the bulb burned over Prince’s head.

There should be a simple and fast panel for the people who want to create a showcase website without coding.

Then he created the first wheel of and presented it to his marketer friends… helps developers to create their portfolio website with ease by offering them pre-built blocks and contents.

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