All About the Capacity of Pallet Rack Frames

2 min readAug 10, 2020


It is important to have strong beams for any application. The pallet rack frame capacity can change. That is because the length of an upright frame column might vary depending on the spacing and number of beam levels. Understanding this can help you when it comes to pallet storage racks.

About Pallet Frame Capacity

The pallet frame capacity relates to the capacity per unsupported length of the upright frame column. This is the distance between the beam level and the floor or a few beam levels. That is also called vertical beam spacing.

Selective pallet racking is adjustable, allowing you to customize the warehouse pallet racking system to meet your needs. You can re-slot the beams if needed as demand and inventory changes.

The vertical beam spacing can change depending on the application. Each manufacturer sets a standard spacing to rate its frames at. So, if you were to set the beam levels at a different vertical distance, your capacity would change.

Calculating the Capacity

You can take the estimated max load for each beam level. Next, multiply it by the number of beam levels you will have in your racking section. Then factor in the vertical beam level spacing.

Looking at Other Safety Considerations

The capacity considerations are not the only things for you to remember for upright frames. You should also consider the pallet height to depth ratio. This means that your pallet storage rack frames should not be any more than six times taller than their depth. That allows for stability in case there is a collision or another force. If it exceeds this ratio, you can use a row spacer to tie the rows to each other.

It is a good idea to have pallet rack anchors to secure the rack frame to the floor. The typical recommendation is to anchor the rack frames all of the time. They are more than just another accessory. They are an important part of every warehouse pallet racking system.

A common type of warehouse accident is forklift collisions with upright columns. Even if it is going at a slow speed, forklift tines can put a dent to columns, making them weaker. Using a column protector is a good idea to avoid this situation. The column protector gets bolted to the floor or attached to the frame.

Choose the Right Distributor of Industrial Pallet Storage Racks

We offer a wide range of warehouse pallet racking systems, including industrial pallet storage racks, for your facility. You can easily store boxes, crates, and other items with these systems. Give us a call today to find out more about how to determine the capacity of your frames.




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