Pet Faves

Devika Pathak
Jan 29, 2019 · 3 min read

Thanks to this brilliant article by ManRepeller, we’ve finally found a name for all those sweet, silly things that bring us unreasonable joy. Pet faves.

The small things that bring us unlikely joy and remind us how gratifying it can feel when life is on beat. If pet peeves draw on a shared humanity by recognizing how annoying people are or how frustrating the details can be, pet faves are what connect us through appreciation and acknowledgement of simple sweetness.

We spend so much time sharing what our pet peeves are, I thought it would be nice to make a list of all the small things which offer gratification and satisfaction totally unknowingly.

  1. Putting on my track pants after a hot shower or long day
  2. Finding that one pair of boots that you’ve been searching for, one sale for 90% less than you’d be willing to pay. Oh, and they only have one size and it’s yours.
  3. Biting in to the centre of a cookie
  4. When someone likes the edges of the cookie and lets me eat the centre
  5. Reading a really lovely quote that I immediately want to share with everyone I know
  6. Having someone call or message to make plans with you right when you were thinking about making plans with them
  7. Turning on the radio and hearing the song you’ve been wanting to hear. One morning I woke up singing Valerie by Amy Winehouse, the day proceeded to go from disaster to disaster which ended with me in a cab rushing to the airport, sure I would miss my flight. I turned on the radio and Valerie started playing right then- I made the flight with one minute to spare.
  8. Rolling over to find my partner’s chest ready for me to rest my head on
  9. When someone tells me they like my writing and find it relatable
  10. Crisp sheets and the feeling of melting into bed
  11. Taking a sip of a fantastic glass of wine
  12. People who say hello to you on the street
  13. Stepping outside and not feeling cold or hot, but just right
  14. Realizing that you’re smiling without knowing it while watching, reading or listening to something
  15. Being on the receiving end of a random act of kindness
  16. Carrying out a random act of kindness
  17. When my dog chooses to curl up on my lap, on her own, without any coercion
  18. Having my daily cup of coffee in silence
  19. The moment you finish a great book
  20. A familiar smell from my childhood

These moments are not the ones you remember. They are forgotten almost as soon as they happen, and leave little or no trace apart from a slight upturn at the edges of your lips. Unfortunately it’s not our faves but our peeves which have the ability to transform our days, to darken our moods and cause fury in our hearts. Perhaps we should start adjusting our gaze slightly, to focus in on what makes us smile and blurring out what doesn’t.

What are your pet faves? I must know!

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