Communication Design Studio with Stacie Rohrbach

29.8 Introduction to CD studio- It’s playtime!

We kickstarted the CD studio class with Stacie by getting together and actually playing with mechanical toys! Through these toys and discussion we were able to understand different communication elements: form, sound, size, colour, material, light.

Next on the agenda was a round of intros. Even though we have gone through them plenty of times during the last one week, Stacie made the activity an interesting exercise to orient ourselves towards our first topic for learning: Navigating Information.

It helped us to reflect on the different kinds of possible filters for information organisation. E.g.- location, category, hierarchy, time, alphabetical. It was interesting to observe how subconsciously we chose certain filters over others to suit a particular context. The best part of it was that I also got to learn a bit more about my classmates!

And now I gear up for project 1 of 3 for this semester!

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