Art and AI: Can AI ever be the Artist?

The historical linkage between Art and Technology runs way back

  1. Inherent Reason: a 2016 installation of a physical table and a web service. The table evaluates the potential relationship of the users based on their Facebook imagery data (visual recognition) and displays the strength of the relationship through a dynamic mechanical transformation of the table top.
Inherent Reason, Paul Kolling
Nam Jun Paik, Bakelite Robot
David Bowie on the Dadaist cut-up technique

What to make of this?

So, why is it now that there’s suddenly a threat of AI replacing the artist?

  • Access and ownership: Prisma allows us to turn our photographs into timeless art pieces, making art more accessible to to those beyond the white walls of galleries. Much like virtual reality can enable us to digitally experience museum spaces from anywhere. The use of other deep technologies such as; blockchain could give art lovers the chance to buy shares in famous paintings while also establishing greater transparency in transactions and ensuring authenticity of the work.
  • Evaluate: Can we use Machine Learning to codify art as as a science and assist in predicting the next Monet or Bach? By eliminating personal bias it could be a powerful tool to aid in objective evaluation.
  • Creation: Artists and creatives are already working alongside AI to create new patterns or remove inherent biases from otherwise linear methods.

But the underlying question remains: Can the AI ever be the artist?

Can we code the unknowns: feelings, empathy, emotions?

So, where do we go from here?




Building science ventures @Wilbe1807 @IBMWatson @Yale

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Devika Thapar

Devika Thapar

Building science ventures @Wilbe1807 @IBMWatson @Yale

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