First Cryptovoxels Creator Contest

Ending October 1, 2019.

Update: Contest is closed, here are the results!

Congratulations to the winners and stay tuned for future contests!

Three high-ceiling, high-visibility parcels will be awarded as prizes in the hot new Midtown district:

Grand Prize: (1200 color pre-loaded)

Second Place: (1000 color pre-loaded)

Third Place: (800 color pre-loaded)

Valid Entries

Only video entries will be eligible to win the grand prize. Video entries will also be eligible to win the second place prize. Other valid entries for second and third prizes will be either in-world parcel designs or .vox model designs

All video entries should feature in-world Cryptovoxels content and be free from copyright infringement or age inappropriate content

Parcel entries must be recent builds.

.Vox files submitted must be in 32x32x32 canvas size.

All entries must be submitted by October 1, 2019.


By submitting content to this content you give Nolan Consulting permission to use your creations for further promotions and/or advertising.

All submitted content should be CC-BY licensed and may be remixed and adapted by anyone.

.Vox files submitted will be made accessible to the community at large, indefinitely.

All final award decisions will be at the judges’ sole discretion.

How to submit

Valid video entries should be made tagging the official Cryptovoxels Twitter channel using the #cryptovoxelscontest with a link to the video on Youtube.

Valid parcel entries should include at least one screenshot of your build and also be a Twitter post tagging @cryptovoxels and using #cryptovoxelscontest.

.Vox file submissions should be done through the official Cryptovoxels Discord Channel where you can post it in the “contest” channel. Winning .vox submissions will likewise be notified through Discord.

Reference Material

Official Cryptovoxels Youtube video in need of updating: Cryptovoxels Trailer — YouTube

Beginning tutorial on getting started with Cryptovoxels:

More in depth tutorials:




Artist, writer, crypto and tech enthusiast

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Artist, writer, crypto and tech enthusiast

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