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Customer expectations have always been a driving factor for change in any industry and it’s no surprise many crave for a world where the crypto industry will meet the entertainment industry, especially adult entertainment. Their hunger for innovation, speed, convenience, and control has led many entertainments and crypto sphere to embark on projects that’ll take care of their needs but none has been able to capture their attention in full — but with the emergence of DDGN TOKEN, customers will be in for a real good treat.

After the failure of different cryptocurrency and blockchain technology companies to exploit entertainment industry, especially adult industry, since it’s a big industry — KISSES TECHNOLOGY GROUP, (a blockchain company) finally decided to bring its wealth of experience, knowledge, and connections to give life to a token that will change the game and bring innovation to the industry, and finally, cement KISSES' TECHNOLOGY GROUP place among blockchain’s giants. …


On Blockchain with Love Forged in the Fire of Devil´s Dragon

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