When I’m Not With You (Cardboard)

I am most myself when I am not with you.

I’m that cereal bowl left out on the table,

milk droplets spilled.

I’m that pair of tweezers

on the counter with

loose eyebrow hairs that are mine.

I’m piles of tears that don’t get wiped away by

borrowed fingers.

I’m too many trips to the freezer where the whiskey is,

while work waits for me on the other side of 8am.

I’m a sorry collection of deleted snaps

and changed instagram captions;

drafted tweets, unpublished:

140 invisible characters of regret and apprehension.

When I am with you I am just cardboard

taped together

like a parcel of mail

delivered to your doorstep

that needs a knife

and a little bit of pressure

to cut it open.

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