Bank Fees and How Much They Suck

Banks have been sucking me dry for the past 10 years. And I’m telling you now there is nothing left in me. And you wanna know something else… credit unions are the same. They had there turn with me too. Here is what I have learned people. The banks and their bank fees suck, and here is why.

Unfair Bank fees

  1. Annual of Monthly Maintenance Fee

Most banks will charge your account a fee because you didn’t do anything all month that made them money from you. So instead they charge a fee for you being thrifty and wise with your money. The bank Executives are literally like — Really, you didn’t spend any f**&ing money? Well can you gimme 10 dollas? If anybody else told me to give them my money because I didn’t spend it, I would tell them to to sit on it!

2. Minimum Balance Fee

This fee is one of my favorites. When you are literally too broke to even own a bank account they want to take your money away. This is legal extortion. Instead of the guys from Goodfellas coming to break my legs they just withdraw 10 bucks from my checking account. The minimum balance varies very widely from account to account . And they will continue debiting the account until it is completely depleted. Then they will probably figure out some other bullshit fee to charge.

3. Lost Debit Card Fee

Listen… I am a forgetful person. I probably lose this thin piece of plastic at the least twice a year. I understand that this the only fee where the bank actually has to spend money to fix the problem. But every-time I lose it and can’t find it it’s 5 bucks. At other banks it’s 7 dollars. But this thing has got to only cost like 5 cents to make.

4. Overdraft Fees

Sometimes when i want to spend my money and I don’t have enough money to spend, it ends up costing me $35 more. That just sounds insane. How do they have the right to charge $35 for that. Is that the actual cost for having to approve a payment that i couldn’t afford?!

Obviously I over drafted because I’m broke as hell. So you want me to be extra broke so that i keep over drafting?! Thirty-five dollars is a lot of money. A few of these fees can easily put someone behind. Every bank has this fee. It is pretty much standard across the board.

Well there you have people. Banks sucks. I am going off the grid people. I am only dealing in bitcoins and gift cards to chili’s.

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