Dirty Looks

Well today is going great…. Anthony is actually back. I thought everything was going to be fine until I left 2nd period to see him giving me the most amazing dirty look, it looked like if I punched him or his friends. I thought him and I were going to fight. I gave up on it and asked raevyn. She said that he was ditching again, and he gave her a dirty look. After that something hit me. Why am I putting so much effort into caring about him, if hes just gonna be a dick to me? I need to stop giving so much of my time to him. It’s pointless, at the end of the day I said my peace and he obliviously doesn’t care. I’m just gonna leave at that. I already have wasted so much time on him and the way he acts. It’s very annoying, its kinda the same aspect going on over and over again with the same outcome every time. At the same time Pema is all over him, she told me before he left that he liked her and she liked him. I hope they go out please let that be a thing. You can tell he doesn’t like her like the way she likes him. She is kinda rude at times and a little bipolar one day she will be super nice and the other day you're the most annoying person ever. I’m just gonna stop talking about this and leave him to his own demise. See you guys tomorrow.

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