My School

I hate everyone in my school,everyone who I talk to has a secret agenda. Here i a little back story, My school is a charter school in Santa Fe New Mexico, the population of the school is over 300 students. Its a very small school so everyone knows everyone. In a way that's the bad part. You get a label,for me i’m the asshole emo kid. Many people have said to me, in a way they are right. I’m an asshole and i’m emo. other kids get called douche bags, pussies,and just dicks. So everyone has a label even if they don't like say they do.

Now to the story/rant I know almost everyone at my school, if I don't know them personally, I know of them. I’m consider a good judge of character, if I don't like someone. I wont talk to them. if I like someone i’ll talk to them. Simple right? Well everyone here isn’t who they say they are. Many people like to complain that they hate someone, then they hang out the said person they “hate”. Many people say “I hate fake people.” not considering they are the very definition of what they hate. People say they don't like when people “talk shit”, they don’t the same thing “talk shit”.

OK, i’m in no way saying i’m holier than thou. I do talk shit, oh god do I talk shit. I don’t care, many people talk shit about me and it doesn't make a difference in my life,But people have said many times that i’m a dick cause I hate people. When I hate someone I don't speak to them (unless I have to), I don’t tweet,Facebook,or whatever them. I just cut off communication. Now people at my school, say that because I do this i’m a dick. Me having a personal distance from someone is making me seem like a dick. I don't understand this at all. Do they want me to a person who says “oh I hate that person”, then go and share my lunch with them? NO. I’m not that kind of person. it angers me so much the people who are like that.

I am completely aware that, a huge amount of people at my school hate me. Many of the people reading this hate me, but still talk to me. I don’t understand that ether. If you're reading this and you don't like them. Please Please stop talking to me. Just fuck off. :) I don’t need you in my life and you don’t need me in yours. In turn take me off of social media, or at least tell me you don't like me and I’ll do it myself. Back to the story/rant. The kids at my school. They are all hypocrites. I’m my opinion they are all depressed hipsters. People so scared to stand up for themselves, Pussies if you will. Many people complain about the whole school, how the work is to hard. I don't see any of them going to there teacher to ask them. Mother Fuckers wanted to do a walk out because we had to take a test…but guess what. THEY DID NOT DO IT. I have many times ether told my teacher I don't like his/her work. Sometimes in a respectful way, sometimes not so much, but about 98% of the time the outcome is guess what? The work changed to be easier.

What i’m trying to say here is most of the kids at my school, are “fake”. They like you cause you there, they hate you when you’re not. In a way they are what their parents are, my parents…well if you have problem leave it outside and you with it or bring it in a talk about it, I was raised to speak up. Not hide in the back. I guess i’m the mayoralty in my school..

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