My 1st Day as a Food Network PA!

As I made my commute to Brentwood, TN — the affluent southwestern suburb of Nashville, I was reflecting a bit. Partially daydreaming, looking at some of the incredible estates in the neighborhood; but partially thinking about how in the $%*! I had managed to become affiliated with a Food Network show at the tender age of 22. Since I announced I’d be serving as a PA for Trisha’s Southern Kitchen, I’ve been getting a lot of questions from friends, family, and supporters about what exactly that responsibility entails. Well, to be concise, it means I do a bit of everything… Whether that means putting together the set, making a food run, filing paperwork, or helping put together a camera, the PA is the first one to have their names yelled. This can be good AND unfortunate lol — it’s certainly not the most glamorous of jobs. However, there’s no other more thankful for the opportunity than yours truly.

September 10th, 2018 marked the first official day that my career has been affiliated with anything Food Network related. Although a minute relation at best, I do find something a bit noble about starting my career in this industry at the lowest of totem poles. Trisha’s Southern Kitchen is in it’s 13th season! and for those not to knowledgable about television, 13 continuous seasons of ANYTHING is nearing legendary status, so I’d like to believe i’m in good hands.

Day 1 was pretty simple, but far from easy going. My production manager and fellow PA’s (there’s 4 of us) were the only ones on set today as the rest of the staff and crew made their way in from around the country. New York, D.C., LA, you name it, these talented folks are coming from everywhere, and you’d be a fool to think i’m not gonna get in touch with every single one of them! Nonetheless, my day consisted of good ole’ fashioned manual labor… for 8 hours. I respect it — rookie initiation. Moving furniture, laying down Ram Board (a temporary protective floor commonly used in home studios), going to grab lunch (vroom, vroom), setting out the hundreds (yes.. HUNDREDS) of plates and dishes for the art department, and ending it all with bit of financial paperwork was the bulk of my day. The true value I received today though was in the conversations I had with my colleagues. They are a bit more seasoned in the production world than myself and they let me in on a lot of the etiquette of being on a set as well as the terminology. I learned that it was common for PA’s to wear black on shoot days. The titles and responsibilities of different production positions such as the DP (Director of Photography) does A LOT more than just photography. Then there’s even a designated person for grocery shopping… can you guess his title? Yes, Shopper, and her job is about the most important of anyone’s.

That’s pretty much all I have for today, and I hope you guys are as excited about this journey as I am! I have plenty more to share with y’all throughout the rest of the month, but for now… I’m going to bed ! Back at it, bright and early.