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In this article let’s see how E commerce Applications gives you recommendations for your next purchasing items. The main element which make this possible is Big Data. Big Data helps the engines of E-commerce Applications to provide recommendations for its users which means customers. Basically, this whole procedure includes 3 stages. First One is Events. Second one is Ratings and the third and last one is Filtering.

For achieve the first stage of this procedure which means Events, E-commerce Applications tracks and stores data on all customer behavior and activity on their site. For example, if a customer searched for…

In this article we are going to understand about Artificial Intelligence basic hierarchy based on the context of a human, because humans are the most intelligent living being stands on the earth. The main goal of Artificial Intelligent is to build systems that can function intelligently and Independently. AI can be recognized as a main sub domain of computer science.

A program that can sense, reason act, and adapt can be defines as Artificial intelligence. Making computers do things which require intelligence.

Basic Hierarchy of Artificial Intelligence

Human can Speak and Listen which enables communication with each other with their familiar languages. This is the…


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