What working at Airbnb during its React Native era taught me about web3

Part 1: Airbnb’s Reaction to React Native

This story starts with Deco Software, the company that I co-founded in 2015, just after Facebook open sourced React Native, their mobile app development framework. At Deco, we created tools for designers and developers using React Native.

Part 2: web3’s Parallels with React Native

Nader Dabit in his recording studio

Part 3: web3's Future Alongside Web 2

While there are many legitimate developer concerns over web3, the tone behind criticisms often reminds me of that heated Airbnb meeting where we decided how to announce that React Native had been sunsetted. Emotions were riding high — the team had spent several years of their lives developing their React Native skillset and working to make React Native successful at Airbnb, to the point where Airbnb was likely the industry leader in the technology outside of Facebook. We all believed in the potential of React Native, despite it not working out for Airbnb, and we didn’t want to do irreparable harm with a negative public announcement. We knew that many React Native detractors would repeat anything we criticized on social media, using it as definitive proof that React Native and the devs using it are subpar. Critics wouldn’t understand or share the more nuanced point: React Native wasn’t the right solution for Airbnb, but it’s still a great solution for many companies.



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Devin Abbott

Devin Abbott

Design tools, developer tools, React, and web3. Focused on open source. Prev Airbnb, Deco, Yahoo.