What a show. Even if nobody came, that healers touch woke something up. Blood moonstruck. Screaming to the heavens from the bed of a truck, after standing on the high way for some time with my thumb up. Engine hum is uncut, pure like the tangent of a trumpet. Ride into the sunset, shit what time is it? Surprise, it’s sunrise! You slept the whole journey, now what did you learn? You screamed in your sleep when we made a sharp turn, but sang when I woke you, a new overture. At first it can frighten to have second birth, but shortly thereafter, who’s up for thirds? My palm on your curves makes a man out of me, as a man of my word I’ve been panhandling. Spare some change? I been spittin poetry with fantastic fangs to curb the knowing tree’s spastic hunger pangs. Little snake, teach me your reptilian ways, little give, little take. Take two in the morning and you’ll get it right by take seven or eight. Just do it again, slither away, wear purple shades, don’t ever shave. Go to the mountain, live in a cave. Befriend a bird, build him a grave. Bury yourself if/when he flies away. Meditate, forget that you had meds to take, and touch me again, you know the way.

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