Being twenty-five years old costs me a nickel and every five days I become the sun for three minutes. Jaguars are melted on the street like chocolate ice cream and the birds lick the hardened remains relentlessly — when will they cease to crave? The more the horsepower, the more the jackass. Eighteen gallons of Yerba Maté couldn’t drown the stagnant nature of the thought bubble. I am a tiny golden baby in a black vacuum surrounded by vaguely purple bubbles, dreams, thoughts. Each time I poke one, I grow a nickel, and when it pops, two more appear. I once popped all the bubbles for longer than a nano second and became the darkness. Funny how much we fear the darkness, and embrace the light, for both are the trail of lead from a number two pencil on your forehead. No one wins a coin toss in a vacuum. Everybody breathes dust. In each dust particle is a lover, a holy lover, smooth skin and all, intention pure, presence absolute. Locker combinations keep the machine fed and oil flowing. Deep down in the dirt there is a paradise, and with a head turned at sixty two degrees, it’s hard to miss. Do not keep from exploding, it’s bad for the atmosphere. Do not label labels, it’s bad for their reputation. Do not value value, it is as meaningless as triumph. When you cup your hands together and breathe, water is invented, and you drink it, and it asks you if you’re taking care of yourself, and you say, there is no self and your thoughts are not your own. Say that out loud and observe the fun house earthquake, eternal bad luck, until the luck and the bad are diminished to nothing but faulty perception, until the vault opens up and swallows the sirens whole, the tectonic pleasure of motion is at full carnival. Tickets are free but popcorn costs a soul, and you only have five billions souls, so be frugal and enjoy the night. Praise your teeth. Love your sidewalk. Judge your judgement until there is nothing but nothing, and then call that nothing heaven, and smile wider than a canyon, just as mother does. Cry with the forest, just as mother does. Extend into infinity, just like mother does. Embrace your own, but own not, just like mother wants you to do. She is in beautiful discord and vibrating for eons in the key of life. Without you, harmony never was. Thank you.

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