In a room with 4 windows, kid holds his Dali in limbo. Wonderin bout his heart and whys it hard to fill it up? so he branded him the pup and now he’s destined, ask the dust. Atlantis keepin him afloat. Horny irony. And then Destino tryin me. MnM from back where everything is bigger, spittin flow, gettin down low she had me in a brownie sugar hold. my BC baby. so I hop into my element and make for the middle. I there she is, half naked, sweet as skittles. And I melt and fall into a charm of luck like rainbow love organic farms. But I expect a pot of gold, my foolish hold had done me Harm. I must appreciate the color, take off the collar, watch the rain and clouds erase the pain and empty house. the thing about love is it don’t try logic, it’s a touchy topic. inside out emotions in a frenzy when they see a girl through those lovely rosey lenses. I’ll keep em on and keep pretending this is never ending. But the more I reach for water, it gets harder not to freeze it. Ill evaporate onto another plane and fly away — ain’t that easy. I could let it all go and make a mantra selfie lesson comma guessin healthy tantric sex can make me cumma on my own but I don’t wanna. No I don’t wanna let her go entirely, cause there’s fire in me and it burns like bites from a pirhana. And the blood gets hyped and syphoned out by sharks and hydra headed sparks. But I can swim, I know I can, I know the fishes don’t live on the promised land. They can’t breathe there. So I’ll dive into some oxygen if I’m on the rocks again. I’m an optimist at the bottom of the bottle, and I know that if I throttle my imagination some creation’ll tip it over and spill my heart into a puddle on a canvas, not in Kansas anymore I’m panting like a panther cancer take my virginity dance within me down a chimney, re hashin old flows so something new can grow. Some beautiful that’s never cold. Or hot. Just warmth, sweet warmth.