Milo, Kid Messiah

Somewhere in-between four and five in the morning last night, there was a knock at my door. A heavy one that sounded more like they were trying to break the door down than let me know they were there. I had half a mind to think those monsters from that arcade game Rampage were loose in the apartment building. I’m staying at a friends place while they’re out of town, so this knock comes as more of an irritation than usual, it couldn’t be for me. I peel myself out of my blankets, which if you know me is a god damn victory, and head to the door. I look out the key hole and can’t see anyone. Great. I’m officially losing my mind. The optimist in me relishes in the glory that I can continue sleeping. My face hits the pillow and immediately there are another set of pounds. I am now angry and I get up all shaky and pissed and open the door. I look down to see a little kid. Eight years old at the most, brown haired little boy staring at me. Normally this would come as a surprise and a shock, but I’m instantly transfixed by something.. his eyes. Now, I’ve seen some beautiful eyes in my day, some intense eyes, some profound eyes, but this kids eyes almost sent me into space. I mean… I could literally see a galaxy in them. It looked like it does in the movies when spaceships go into light speed, an endless vortex of blues, blacks, white, and spirals. I almost start crying but then realize the absurdity of the situation and come to. 
“Hey uh… what’s going on?”
He gives me this look thats almost patronizing… like, you don’t know?
“They’re not here yet then.”
“…Are you looking for your parents?”
This time he flat out rolls his eyes, hangs his head and sighs. 
“Man… you are behind.”
“Ok… can I help you?”
“Honestly no, but as it stands I’m here to help you. You got any Milk?”
“Um. Yeah…”
“Good pour up a glass, put some clothes on, turn your phone off and meet me in the kitchen in five minutes, I’ll be right back.”
With this he turns around and goes down the stairs. What the fuck. I can’t stop thinking about how vibrant those eyes were! I look at the clock and decide that there’s no chance that just happened. I’ve been sort of sick the past few days and I’m on all kinds of medications and so I’m just loosing it. Plain as that. Besides, there’s no kid on earth that could have made as loud an impact on that door as that kid did. I’ll have to ask the neighbor if they heard it tomorrow, that’ll confirm it. I lay down and fall back to sleep. 
I start to dream about a giant Blue Crocodile that’s floating above a city, almost as though it got loose from a parade, but the dream is cut short when I’m abruptly awoken by a splash to the face. I awake with a shock, what the hell was that!? There is milk all around me, I look and I see the kid standing there by my bedside just laughing. 
“You should see your face!”
“What the.. Who the.. How did.. ??”
“Your stupid face! Bwahahaha.”
“What the fuck is this?”
“Dude I told you five minutes two glasses of milk and you dream about a stupid parade?”
How did he know that?
“How did you know that?”
“Man you are such a poser! Kitchen!”
He walks over to the kitchen, where he’s laid out an envelope on the table, as well as poured himself a glass of milk. 
“All right now look, before you get all freaked out and call the cops or something, I’m not as young as I look, as you can probably tell by my eloquent speech and my refined taste for whole milk. You, Devin, are more important than you realize. It may take you a while to truly understand the things I’m about to tell you, but I need you to try, unlike everything else you’ve ever done. My name is Milo. I’ve lived something like 80 lives, not by choice mind you! The only reason I’ve come to you tonight, right now, is because they’re coming for you, and I needed you to see something first. Take a seat, please.”
I’m standing there listening to this kid, still pretty convinced that I must be dreaming. 
“No. Fuck you. I’m not listening to some little weird dream space twerp who comes to me in the middle of the night, I’m going to wake up is what I’m going to do.”
“You know, Devin, that’s the truest thing you’ve ever said. You ARE gonna wake up. As soon as you quit tharfing all over me and shut up and sit down and listen.”
“Thought barfing. You keep doing it and its frankly disgusting. SIT!”
I sit. I don’t even know why. The kid just has confidence. 
“Now look, they are coming for you. I am here to save you, ultimately I suppose so you can save me, but you’re not gonna realize that for a long time. Look in the envelope.”
At this point I’m tired and confused and just going with the motions, so I look in the envelope. It’s a picture of the Blue Crocodile from my dream. 
“Do you get it?”
“Um. It’s from my dream.”
The kid rolls his eyes again. 
“Ok. You aren’t ready. I get it. Look I’m gonna come back in like… 2 days. Think about this shit ok? I mean honestly, make an attempt at using your brain, stop tharfing everywhere. This shit is important man. YOU are important. But I can’t hold your hand down this thought process so I need you to cowboy the fuck up.”
At that, he drinks the entire glass of milk in one gulp. 
“Ah… that is some fine milk right there.”
He snaps his fingers, and I shit you not, disappears. Like, vanishes. 
I take a deep breath, and decide that it definitely is the medication. This is not happening. I walk over to the window, its raining. The sun has started to come up too. I open it up and look down at the street, seven stories. I see the kid… Milo… walking to a car. He gets in and drives away. Very funny. I look up at the sunrise and watch the rain fall. Across the way from me, on the balcony, I see a Mime smoking a cigarette. Or is he just miming it?
I look closer, and suddenly loose my footing. I fall out of the window, screaming, thinking, “this isn’t happening. this isn’t happening. this isn’t happening.”

I wake up in a pool of sweat. It’s raining outside. It’s 7 AM. I have the theme song to Rocky Horror Picture show stuck in my head. I decide to throw out the medication I’m taking and go for a run…

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