The Whales of Groundworks Coffee

The strangest things happen at the coffee shops in Los Angeles. I was sitting at Groundworks on Sunset and Chuenga, enjoying a finely brewed ice coffee, with a splash of milk, contemplating if whales have ever made art. Perhaps they draw in the sand, perhaps they make compositions? Entirely possible. Perhaps the spirit of a whale is the one making Elton John write songs and Leonardo DaVinci paint masterpieces. Upon fully embracing this thought, I look down at my chest and see a shimmering white light extending from within me. Similar to that movie Donnie Darko, except that this light makes me feel like laughing out loud, like I’m enraptured with joy, and it’s vaguely in the shape of a whale. It extends slowly at first, like a snail, almost to ask me if I’m sure it’s even there. I look around… Is anyone seeing this? There are about ten other people in the shop including the baristas. All in their own worlds. One man reads, one man on his phone. A woman writes, another simply stares into the void of her coffee. I look at her the longest, and before I realize it, I notice her teeth growing, like a whales teeth. They become giant. She stands and suddenly grows a whale tail, flapping all about. Is anyone seeing this!?! The white whale light extending from my heart jettisons through this woman, and upon doing so, she laughs hysterically. No else notices, but I see it so clearly, and she stares right into my eyes. This light, it came from you? She silently asks me. I nod yes, but then realize it’s coming from her! Or both? Yes it seems that we are connected now, neither starting or completing this light, just harboring it between us. We are both laughing and smiling and even starting to dance a little. Lamke is on, but with Kendick Lamar rapping over it about how whales are the true spirit creatures of love and beauty. The man who was reading gets up to the bathroom, and on his way walks through our light force like a man finishing a marathon, breaking the ribbon. He stops in his tracks and joins in the dance, singing, laughing, forgetting all about the silly draining of fluids! This white whale light now forms a triangle, between us three and we all make a decision to walk around. The man and the woman both look like beautiful whales, and I wonder if I look like one too? I can’t seem to see myself, I’ve disappeared in the bliss of it all. We walk around the shop and every time our light force penetrates a patron, they join in the parade. Before long all of Groundworks is just a bunch of super happy whale people dancing in a white light. The floor becomes malleable, and we start to manipulate it. As if a submarine has been punctured, water starts blasting in from the walls, to which everyone hollers and shouts as though the new year has come! We bathe and swim in the clear pure water, the white light illuminating it in such a way that a disco ball would be jealous. But us light whales would never allow jealousy to be present in this vast expanse of merriment, so we all decide to become disco balls for a moment, to show the disco it has nothing to be separated from, we are whales, we are disco, we are the light and the water. An inexplicable desire to plunge forward, a whirlpool begins, we all swim around and around like a torpedo water slide, as the beautiful blackness of space begins to cave in, giant stars, colorful planets and solar winds and miraculous phenomenons enthrall each of us, as our water light confinement extends into every direction with an infinite intention. I notice that though no one has left, there is only one whale now, swimming through the cosmos, and that whale is me, but not just me, it’s all of us! I feel no morsel of loneliness, just wholeness and love and something like glory. A sound starts to enter my brain, like harmony, blissful boundless harmony. It crescendos to a point that our physical whale body can no longer endure, and we explode into billions of little star morsels, but it doesn’t hurt, it feels more like the ultimate orgasm, as we scatter across the endless chasm of perception. I have the sensation of taking a deep, powerful breath. I open my eyes and I am at Groundworks, all just as it was. What do they put in this coffee?

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