I camped out with a tech billionaire. The advice he gave me was priceless.
Adam Naor

I visited your website and I am so glad that you have taken the initiative of teaching kids the value of money.

However, I find it so wrong that you should attach a monetary value to a household chore, I feel that creating such a model will only make the child selfish or opportunist.

I have never attached a monetary value or a reward for my children to do what needs to be done — neither have I insisted upon them achieving a certain target to get what they wished for.

These are children, not pets that need to be trained with a goody every time they perform a trick.

Children taught this way will grow up with a mindset where they will expect to be rewarded for everything they do for others and which will only result in a selfish society.

Sorry for being so critical, but this is what I felt.

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