Mother of Creativity

For the great and powerful creatives and artistic people in our world, creativity is not only a skill they have but an element of their genotype and phenotype. They are creators and creativity lives inside of them. This is no “take it for granted” phenomenon. We have among us people that can shape and fashion reality with their mind and bring that ethereal work of art into the material world. That’s darn right amazing!

Who else can do such a thing? None other than the better half of our human family can do it. They magically transforms their bodies into a universe of Genesis. Indeed, the mother of creation is a mother. Perhaps, the gender neutral universe, that many spiritual-but-not-religious adherents refer to, should be gender specific. A She. A Her. A Madam. A Queen. Empress. And if not from a mystical perspective, even the philosophical humanist has considerations for the priceless value and ethical responsibility to reverence and protect the womb. It is the gateway to our genealogical immortality.

I have much to say about freedom, empowerment, innovation, social progress, and futurism. However, the son in me couldn’t start my first act as a citizen of Medium without deifying the heart of our society. Mothers.