Election Confusion?

Disclaimer: This is an opinion, this is my opinion…also grammar ‘n stuff.

Are you still wondering what happened in this election? Stop wondering and wake up, the divide in this country has become large, and obvious. I present to you Exhibit A: This really cool coffee maker

What does a coffee maker have to do with Donald Trump being elected you ask? Everything.

Don’t get me wrong, this coffee maker is in fact awesome, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want one. I mean check out the team behind building this beautiful piece of equipment. There’s a Stanford MBA, an engineer with a degree in Biomedical Sciences, a brand manager with a B.A. from Brown in biomimicry, and a sales manager with a MFA in animation.

The problem is this, the “have’s” are running away with the ball at an increasing rate. Our best and brightest are spending their time and effort to solve the least impactful problems our cities/states/country/planet have.

How many people in [insert just about any city other than SF, Seattle, NYC, Chicago, and like 3 others] have the luxury of giving two shits about a coffee maker that has bluetooth capabilities?

THERE IS NOT A SINGLE REASON WHY HERE. Maybe it’s media, maybe it’s the people that fund this stuff, maybe it’s your mom’s fault…maybe it’s your fault? How has blaming others worked so far, does it get much accomplished, help you sleep at night?

It is your fault if you don’t do more.

Your views are shaped by your experiences. How would your experiences change if you took away most of the opportunities you had in life, especially the early ones, the ones that happened before you even realized there was impact to the decisions you made? Were your parents supportive? Cool. Now replace them with drunks, drug addicts, disabled, unskilled people. Do you still think you’d be all stoked on this sexy as hell coffee maker?

Donald Trump was elected by, at least in part, by all of the people who do not care about this coffee maker. He was elected by all of the people that are so fed up with the way this world is going, that no matter how misguided you or I might feel about that amazing feat of cognitive dissonance, they took the only option in front of them that might make everyone pause and reconsider who, why, how, and what we are all doing.

Except for a very tiny percentage, we are all on the same team. It doesn’t feel like it because we are taking too much at face value. We are getting too emotionally attached to our own view, as if we are always right.

We have an uphill battle in this country because we’ve dug ourselves into a nice deep hole. Getting out will take effort, it means changing course, it might mean not building a better coffee maker, but instead figuring out how to get better education into parts of the country that are angry and seriously lacking.

This starts with you.