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Building Music Success 101

Establishing your own turf creates a strong starting point for your music career. This means be popular in your own backyard! Your backyard is where you can experiment with song selection, image and stage persona. Perfecting your stage presence in front of your peers is fundamentally necessary. This is often the step bands and entertainers overlook.

If you really want world dominance without losing momentum then perfect your act at home. Start by getting your act booked throughout your region and local venues.

Perhaps try creating and hosting your own functions. When you do this you’ll experience the real world facets of what venue managers face on a daily bases. Create your own shows and hire other bands to fill the bill with your act being one of the headliners.

Create / hire someone to create posters, flyers and handouts. Establish street teams to gorilla market on the streets. Work with local Internet gurus to establish ticket sales in advance and online. Even reach out to local trade papers and radio stations to secure press for your shows.

When you know this, you’ll be prepared for success in the music business

Fact: When musicians operate their act as entrepreneurs their rate of success increase.

Today’s Precept : Build your success in your hometown

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