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Finding a business model that works for your band is a task. The best answer I’ve found was “ trial and error”.

Though this is how many artists learn along the way. I find implementation and executing a set strategy takes the most thought.

To become a success story everyone has to take on some responsibility. Moreover, Each member must own their task and complete them. We know to make headway in music you must create a plan of action that expands through several different areas, which are social media, publicly, musically, and imagery.

Each of these fields requires acute timing and concentration.

As it stands, its asked which one of these measures should a person start with? My response is, decide as a unit your target; because they will each have a time to be implemented.

And when the time arises you will automatically know what to take on

FACT : The bands that operate as a business have more success than those that do not .

Today’s Precept : Don’t let your personal concept of what you think the business model should be , hamper your success.

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