Getting past the first line

I started writing with great intentions. After suggestions from provocative writers like Seth Godin and James Altucher to “write every day”, I thought it should be easy. If they can do it, so can I. Just do it. A few sentences or paragraphs a day shouldn’t take very long.

At first, I set aside time every morning, and the rush of a new challenge pushed me passed the first line.

Then the excuses crept in.

I’m too busy today — we’re all too busy. Busy is a self inflicted condition.

Some days I would make out better than others, even getting a fragmented spewing of idea vomit saved to drafts. There are a lot of draft posts saved now. Hardly any worth publishing.

Sometimes the farthest I would get was a blank post and a line of key smashing, just so I could see some text on the page.


Why is that first line such a difficult roadblock to overcome? Even when I know that just getting word on the page is the most important part?

I have decided to lower my expectations and just be happy to have a few inspired moments, when they occur.

Maybe I’ll get some of those drafts finished. Someday.

Originally published at Devin Glage.

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