Walking a New Path

Today I decided to lose my blogging virginity.

Writing regularly is something I have been toying with for the last couple of weeks and I finally decided to take the plunge.

Currently I work as an intern for Stadia Ventures which is an early stage venture capital firm and accelerator focused on sports innovation. I enjoy my job a lot and realized that I would like to pursue venture capital as a career.

The issue is that venture capital is a difficult field to break into and there aren’t many firms. More often than not firms don’t even bother to post on job boards when they are hiring and instead use their own networks.

And that’s the reason I wanted to start writing in a nutshell. To build my network for my career and to connect with people outside of just my local community.

Writing is a skill that I want to cultivate. I believe that being a strong communicator is important in all fields and facets of life. Especially growing up communication was a skill that I lacked. I have been introverted my whole life and up until my late teens I was not particularly social either.

This is a way for me to catch up for all of those years and grow.

I don’t have a set commitment yet in terms of how often I want to write.

Maybe three times a week or something like that. After I get the hang of it, I plan on writing more often but for now I am just trying to get my feet wet.

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