A Purpose

I have been thinking a lot about what would be best for the world and mankind lately. It’s because I want to give my life purpose and all of those I live around purpose. Some meaning in these grand cosmos and knowing that if us humans do not change our actions within 150–200 years this world might not be habitable for us. It drains that purpose and meaning of life for me.

The fact that us humans are here, thinking as we do, and creating as we are. It’s pretty fucking unbelievable. There are countless other stars out in the night sky and so far we haven’t seen many that can support life, not to mention many that harbor intelligent life. Maybe it’s because we aren’t looking “hard” enough. But maybe it’s because it is pretty damn uncommon. You know what’s even more uncommon? Living on the planet peacefully and not destroying it before you can get off of it. This is why I feel like it’s a damn shame to come this far, to have this opportunity as a lineage of speices, to understand all of this, and then fall short. To fail epicly. It makes me sad, Angry.

So… I’m striving to discover ways of bringing humanity together to: respect one another’s differences; respect the small fragile planet that cradles our lives; see anger and frustration as a way of being challenged and not something that needs to lead to violence and distruction, but creation; seeing material things as tools, not happiness; love others weaknesses and strengths, sympathize others; love our communities, love other’s communities, love other life, and love this planet.

My first attempt will be to write. To discover root problems, propose solutions, and encourage respectable and progressive conversation about them or other ideas others have. I know I do not have the answer, but I believe all of us do. We are all just a piece to a puzzle and if we can discover how to solve the problems of today then we can hopefully put ourselves on a path of achieving the unimaginable and living another day after this planet finally comes to a rest.

That’s purpose. Who wants to join in?

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