Create your own opportunities. Kick down doors.

A few days back, Dan Eden Tweeted,

[...] when one door closes, another, garishly painted one makes itself present.

I disagree.

As designers, we need to learn to make opportunities; we need to erect our own doors. Sometimes, however, that just isn't enough.

Sometimes that closed door needs to be kicked down. Chuck Norris style. When that door slams in your face, get pumped and kick it down. Don't let anything stand in your way.

As you may know, I'm only 16 years old and I'm working very hard to fulfill my dreams and become a designer and developer. I'll tell you this right now; it's really hard. Gaining credibility and such a young age is a daily struggle—but I try, and I succeed.

About a month ago I change my entire philosophy—I began to live my life according to my manifesto. Since that change, I have gained mountains of credibility in the design industry and I have received many job offers, clients, and I began putting together my first startup,The Guild (I'll be posting about The Guild very soon). Last week I was asked how I manage to find all of these fantastic opportunities at such a young age. I responded immediately with this:

I don't find fantastic opportunities—I create them. I have kick, fire, and passion. When I think I have an opportunity, an open door, and that door closes; I kick it down.

And that, my friend, is important for all of us to do. Don't let anythinghold you back! You may be asking, "How the heck do I get this kick?" and scratching your head. The answer is simple: you just do. You're a designer, and the chances are high that you are passionate about design. If you are anything like me, design makes you who you are. And when you are that passionate about something, you make it a priority; you do everything in your power to make it real.

So, when you close this tab and leave this essay behind, I want you to take one thing with you. Just one little lesson that will change your career and your life: Don't wait for opportunities to present themselves to you; go out and create your own golden opportunities. And, most importantly, always remember to kick.

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