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I’ll have to admit, I refrained from looking at this topic because Old Town is all we ever hear about. Old Town has increasingly become a “money trap” that sucks in most of the city’s resources. Our city staff and council have lost sight of Community & Neighborhood Livability — one of the seven pillars of the City Plan. You won’t find investments in “Vital and appealing activity centers and destinations throughout the city” because the only center funded is Old Town and her various gateways. This style of investment keeps the money in Old Town because better infrastructure increases use which then requires additional investment to accommodate new growth. The end result is a lack of funding for other projects throughout the city.

We need to broaden our perspective and revitalize the investments in infrastructure that leads to vital neighborhood centers. This will reduce overall transportation needs, fits better into our sustainability goals and benefits residents and businesses throughout the city.

Review the City Plan for yourself at

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