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12 Quotes and Poems to Get You through the Sunday Night Scaries

And it’s another end of the weekend. Whether you’re anxiously scrolling through Medium on a Sunday night, hoping to find some sort of quick life hack that will put your mind at ease, or you’re having your first break this morning at work, the Sunday Night Scaries/Monday Morning Blues are a very real thing!

But you’re strong. You’re capable of handling everything that this week has to throw at you. You’ve faced tougher days than this, and if anyone can succeed today, it’s you. So this isn’t a quick lifehack list of habits or behaviors that will instantly make you succeed. But, these are 12 wonderful quotes and poems to get you started on the right foot.

Take a moment to read them over, sip on a cup of tea or coffee, and get ready for the most fulfilling week of your life.

“Beautiful are the minds that find beauty in everything.” — Simran

In even the dullest moments of our day, there is beauty. There’s beauty in the warm light that enters your window as your start your workday. There’s beauty in the creaks, cracks, and groans of your body as you stretch to start the day.

There’s even beauty in the ugliness of the day. As you begin to spot the beauty in each corner of your daily life, there can be an immense feeling of gratitude. I hope you can find it today.

“I no longer need to be needed. I have no room for ropes on my wrists anymore. This is me untethered. Unbelonging to anyone but myself. Finally, finally, I have learned to be my own hero.” — Makenzie Campbell

As hard as it can seem at times, the only true hero in our lives is ourselves. When the chips fall, we are always stuck with ourselves. And what a wonderful thing this can be. During this week, I hope you find time to be your own hero, and be there for yourself in every way possible.

“I hope you know the world is better because you are in it.” — Jacqueline Whitney

Your presence here, right now, is a wonderful gift. You are enough. You are exactly where you need to be and where you are supposed to be.

“Fall. Break. Learn. Heal. Rise. Bloom.” — Rithvik Singh

In the light of each day, you’re on the path to a better future. Trust this process and trust yourself.

“Remember you didn’t come here to write your heart out. You came to write it in.” — Andrea Gibson

Your heart is a beautiful and tender place. Each day, fill your heart with love, kindness, and admiration for how far you have come in this life.

“You are one person. But when you move, an entire community walks through you.” — Rupi Kaur

The actions and behaviors that we decide to take into our daily lives not only affect us, but all of the people around us too. Send out kindness.

“Wisdom is accepting that there are things you cannot force: People change when they are ready. Creativity moves at its own rhythm. Healing does not have a time limit. Love blooms when things align.” — Yung Pueblo

At times with others but always with yourself, try your very best to be patient. Wonderful and deep healing comes with time. Just showing up for yourself today is a victory.

“Remember this: Endings don’t require drama or toxic behavior.” — Nedra Glover Tawwab

Today, choose to let go of that which doesn’t serve you anymore. It doesn’t have to be dramatic or toxic. You can simply decide when enough is enough and move forward in your life.

“Let your heart break so your spirit doesn’t.” — Andrea Gibson

When we choose to protect our hearts, we can sometimes diminish our thriving spirits. Throughout your day, allow heartbreak to be the cracks that let healing light back into your soul.

“I knew the first time you looked at me, I would be writing about you for the rest of my life.” — Blake Auden

Some friendships and relationships are meant to last, but only if we put extend the reciprocal effort. Fight for those you love. Treasure those friendships that make you feel like the universe is working in your favor.

“There are difficult times, but you cannot lose no matter how hard the wind blows.” — Jasmine Kang

In even the darkest and most difficult of days, you are still here. And that alone is something to be immensely proud of.

“If you see something beautiful in someone, speak it.” — Ruthie Lindsey

In our busy world, it can be easy to keep to ourselves and get lost in our daily routine. In each of your interactions throughout the week, if you see something beautiful in your coworker, your friend, your partner, tell them.

I hope that these quotes can help just as much as they’ve helped me combat the Sunday Scaries tonight. Know always that you are loved. You are enough. You are stronger than you may feel. And that turn of the corner could be as close as the coming morning. Choose hope. And always choose kindness.




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Devin Justesen


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