Blog Projects #2 and #3

Blog Project 2

Format: Quote

Audience: People with hardships

Purpose: Persuade

“ My failure gave me strength, my pain was my motivation” ~ Michael Jordan

The quote means that when a person is in his/her lowest mindset it doesn't mean to give up actually it means to push harder. Michael Jordan the greatest basketball player didn't make his highschool basketball team his first two years, but he countined to practice. Which relates back to the quote and shows how effective this quote can be if used with the correct mindset.

Blog Project 3

Format: Photograph

Audience: Jordan Brand

Purpose: to Inform Jordan brand to produce more shoes

The photo above shows a line or a crowd of people who were trying to get a shoe. The release got so out of hand they had to get the NYPD to come and use crowd control methods like maceing people. This picture is very effective as to why jordan brand should produce more shoes. More shoes mean no long lines, no severe, or minor injuries caused to customers and, also more money would be made for JB.

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