OKD, previously known as OpenShift Origin, is the upstream community project for Red Hat OpenShift. In general, people will pay Red Hat for either the enterprise or cloud versions of the application. However, if you don’t want to pay and have your own hardware available to install it on, you can deploy your own cluster. This is very useful if you have multiple users who want to spin up projects. At Computer Science House we had this exact need and the resources to build it on, so I helped build our new cluster.


What is OKD and why would you want it? OKD is a project that builds heavily on Kubernetes and provides a large series of management tools for any projects you may have on the cluster. This even includes a very attractive UI that makes spinning up a project from scratch take just a matter of minutes from creation to deployment. Under the hood it also helps administrators by providing a command-line interface and administrative UIs to make typically tedious tasks a few clicks/commands away. …


Devin Matté

Software Engineering Student at Rochester Institute of Technology with a focus on Full Stack Web Development and DevOps

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