Anxiety = Gravity

Anxiety is like gravity

and our heads like the planets.

The pull of anxiety

grips onto ideas like gravity

pulling them into our orbits.

The heavier they are

the more likely they fall,

hit the surface, and crack it —

With anxiety the pull is stronger…

It’s like a tractor beam

pulling in problems

that masquerade as most important;

making what’s important seem impossible

and life downright not plausible.

Your head aches.

The Earth shakes

and nothing seems stable.

Friends become enemies

and instead of huddling up beside you

your enemies become your friends

whom you let cuddle up inside of you!

So instead of running to those who can guide us with help,

we push them aside under the guise of

“It’s for my health.”

Leaving us to take on things to heavy

that further burden our load.

We’re caught in the habit of listening to the alien voices

that have been brought into our orbit.

Before anxiety, we’d have known who was worthy of listening to;

but now that our radars have been knocked out of wack

not only do we have trouble finding our ways back —

but we also can’t separate the lies from the facts.

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