Sunset at Noon

To TCUSD3, your blatant disregard for etiquette is astonishing. They are not asking for something that other schools haven’t been willing to do in the past. They are not asking you to support suicide, they are not asking you to take a paycut, they are not asking for you to change your beliefs, they are not attacking your jobs (yet), they are simply asking for closure. They are asking for a ceremony that honors their lives and respects the death of those too young. This poem is a shout to those who are fighting, and a cry against those people who won’t budge. Think about it Taylorville. Sign the petition here.
in memory of Brandon Mann, Devan Everett and Nicholas Reber.

You can try to hide

the voice will find you

anyway you try to run

they will always find

you — in the place where you

rest. It doesn’t matter

if you sweep it under

the rug. The dark always

has a place to hide.

You act as though it’s not

inevitable. Like death is

something you can run

from. Why do you sit

on your hands — you

hypocrites! Who offer up

help but close the doors

in ignorance. The children

scream because you won’t

speak — you restrain their

right to mourn. Death

does not go away. People

who are oppressed don’t

stay silent — when

friends are dying — we take

arms, and fight for

something bigger. Why

is this an issue?

What reputation are

you saving? All you’re

doing is telling the depressed

to hide. You’re not

helping people — you’re

hurting them — and I

promise they won’t stay

silent. The voices will

continue to speak for

those who went silent at

noon. We will watch

that beautiful sunset

with or without you –

but remember this,

as a child of the Earth

we all return to dust


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