News of My Life, Updates and the 30 Day Video Challenge Announcement

About six months have gone by since I checked on social media in a real way. In that time, lots of you reached out to me wondering how I’m doing. I wanted to answer that question and also talk about what I’ve learned in that span of time. Finally I’d like to go over next steps. This isn’t a post about CLG, or an official statement of any sort. It concerns only my state of affairs. CLG is a large part of that and so it’s mentioned. I like writing verbose things and I don’t get to do it often. My agenda in writing this is just to commit myself publicly to a few goals I want to accomplish, explained below.

First some history. The last eight months I’ve worked harder on CLG than I’ve ever worked on any project in my life. Most of those days have been 10 to 15 hours of real, concentrated work. It’s still that intense sometimes but my workload is beginning to diminish because we’ve hired some truly great people. I can do more macro-thinking than raw execution. CLG still isn’t anywhere near where I want it to be, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I see what CLG can be and know what systems still need to fall into place to make it that.

I dedicated the past 3/4th’s of the year completely to CLG because I believe in what we’re doing here. My main objective with CLG is to create a team of competitors that is inspirational because of their commitment to excellence. I love gaming, and I want to see the company impact gamers in a meaningful way. I want people to look at our players commitment and channel that drive into their own endeavors. Moreover, CLG is a brand fortunate enough to attract great attention. We should strive to use that attention to better gaming and e-sports as a whole.

We’ve finally built a team who can see that mission to fruition in 2017 and 2018. I’ve hired four additional direct team members in 2016, and several more support staff to help develop our teams. I’m truly proud of the people that work here. I love our sponsors and partners and it’s actually fun and progressive to work with them. I respect every one of our players for who they are and who they strive to become. I can look at any person in CLG and be grateful every day that they choose to be here. Perhaps most of all, I’m grateful to George for entrusting me with this responsibility, building the company in the first place, and being my mentor in so many matters critical to becoming a stronger version of myself.

That’s a special and lucky place to be as a CEO. I love where CLG is going and I’m excited to show you what it becomes in the following years. My first priority and passion will be in this company, and in honoring the people and partners who believe in me enough to entrust me to lead it. I hope I serve them well.

With everything else going well, I’ve still not felt in the past months like I’m not all in. There’s been a void in my life, something I’m not doing, and I feel like I owe the world more. I’ve realized that I’m most fulfilled and probably best utilized when I’m studying life mastery principles and then giving those to whoever can benefit from them. I’m proud of the self-improvement videos on YouTube I’ve made, and amazed that some of them have 500 views, and a couple comments indicating they made a difference to someone.

Seeing other people succeed is my oxygen and I feel like I’ve been without it since I stopped broadcasting, making videos, and having meaningful conversations with people. I think it’s because I know the feeling of hopelessness that comes from being your own worst enemy. I know how crushing it is going to bed after a day you feel like you wasted. How hard it is to master your time and beat your fear and do what you know you should be doing.

I just don’t want anyone else in the world to ever feel that way. I don’t want anyone to be inhibited. I want to add value to people. I’ve learned a set of practical ways to transform myself into the person I want to be. I still have a staggering amount of flaws and setbacks, but I feel an imperative to document that journey for anyone else who might benefit even slightly from it. I want to tell you that becoming who you want to become is possible, probable, and even trackable with the right systems. I know the next step of my life is in documenting that journey through video and writing.

The challenge is time. CLG needs my total attention and focus. This always held me back from doing a plan like the one I’m going to announce. I always feared people would think I wasn’t dedicated, or that I’d inadvertently let company imperatives drop because I’d split my focus. I was recently inspired by a few successful, outward-facing CEOs who maintain a community-driven focus and simultaneously run companies much larger than ours. Their companies actually benefit from their drive, because people see what that company represents through them and want to be a part of it. Similar results are reasonable to expect here with proper execution.

One last step to insure consistency. I want to make myself publicly accountable to this goal. I’m writing this update to commit to a couple of goals I know the community will hold me to if I don’t accomplish. I’ll need that drive, expectation, and motivation to keep them real.

To start, I’m doing a 30 Day Video challenge to produce one meaningful video a day. I know to actually accomplish this I can’t get fancy. I’m not going to focus on the quality. I’ve traveled that road and the quest for perfection just stops me from doing videos at all. Instead I’m going to just focus on the message. I also don’t care about the money, views, or what it achieves. Life is kind to me and I don’t need any of that at this stage. Maybe sometime later I’ll add ways to support it. I’m sure people will find a way if they want to. For now I just want to think about ways to talk about subjects that meaningfully impact peoples lives towards the positive.

I’ll also list my secondary goals to be accountable to here:

  • More activity on Instagram. One image or small video post a day, posted by 7PM PST every day.
  • A Snapchat story by 4:00PM every day.
  • A Facebook post by 11:00PM every day, which includes the video I filmed for that day and more addon value for it.

If you’re the sort of person who wants more from their life and I can help take it to the next level, I hope you’ll follow the journey. Maybe you’re already there and the subject of life mastery interests you. Again, if you’re not interested, don’t watch and that is okay. I want to make these videos and commit to this publicly because it’s a step to growing for me. It’d be great if someone benefits from them, but it’s fine if no one watches as well.

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably part of the community that supported me in the first place. I remember everyone from the broadcast and think about you often. I’m grateful to my friends and mentors along the way for building me into the person I am today. I’m glad I’ll be able to connect with you again as a result of this challenge.

Thanks for reading, for holding me accountable, and for supporting me. It means the world.

30 Day Video Challenge:

Snapchat: devinmnash



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