Very roughly, an event is called “Kolmogorov random” if the shortest computer program that produces the event is as long as the description of the event. (This uses a purely mathematical definition of a “computer” that was invented before actual computers, think of Alan Turing)
Habits of highly mathematical people
Jeremy Kun

After this chunk of text I got lost. “Kolmogorov” — I don’t even know how it should sound in my head. I think You should shorten it, probably get rid of the “Very roughly” and the additional statement in parenthesis, maybe try to throw out the concept of a “computer” and simply say “calculator”?

The text following this confirmed that I was lost :/

Hope the negative feedback is taken well. This is probably a pretty important thing that has been written on the internet. The title could be better — I clicked on it from hacker news thinking it’d perhaps describe lifestyle patterns of highly mathematical people (which I am). I am biased by being pretty interested in lifestyle habits and myself, a mathematical person.