There is a certain feeling one gets before traveling to another place. A mixture somewhere between butterflies and anxiety, making it almost impossible to sleep. It’s a natural high that consumes your entire entity capturing your thoughts and emotions down to your core. Yet again maybe that’s just me…..

I believe it is the concept of time and placement that evokes the feelings of travel. The alteration of ones perception realizing that when you wake up you will be in another land, while finding yourself mixed within the essence of the illusion we call time.

The butterflies fly because of the future, the unknown. They represent the invigorating and thrilling idea of what could possibly be ahead. Adventures? Catastrophes? Here is where the anxiety comes into play. No matter how excited you may be to pack your bags, jump on a plane and head to a far off land the haunting presence of the endless possibilities that can occur when traveling is terrifying. With the world we live in, evil has no end and unfotunetly evil enjoys travel as well. So pack accordingly.