We organized our first Consultative Stakeholder meeting on June 23rd , 2020. The meeting , held at the Developers in Vogue Center , was a sequel to the Ecosystem Mapping which sought to engage various stakeholders in the community to create an enabling support base to promote the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Accra . A categorized list of organizations was shared with the mapping team with in — person meetings carried out earlier this year as part of our partnership with Ghana Tech Lab under the Pathways to Sustainable Employment (PaSE) project . …

KIC AgriTech Challenge

Are you ready to create a business in the agricultural value chain? Do you fit the following requirements and interests:

* Are between 20 and 35 years

* Able to commit to spending a year in Accra to take part in the program

* Resident in Ghana for the duration of the program

* Willing to travel long distances

* Willing to give dedicated & undivided attention to the KIC Program

* Willing to work in a group

* Willing to attend impromptu meetings and program

* Willing to work long hours without supervision

* Interested in innovation

* Have…

Developers in Vogue (DiV) has been very instrumental into becoming who I am today. The first day I came in contact with them was my turning point; this was at DIVA Festival 2018. I was introduced to the Kosmos Innovation Center AgriTech challenge for the first time at this program. Through mentorship and guidance from the DiV team, I applied and got selected into the competitive program.

Through the Kosmos Innovation Center (KIC), I own a company now! I had always wanted to start a business but didn’t know how to; so I’m very excited to be living in the…

When I received the email in August that I had been selected to attend GHC, I knew it was going be the best part of my year. Fast forward to today, I can say it definitely was . I cannot believe I am still reeling from my experience at the Grace Hopper conference 2019. A big thank you to AnitaB.org for the great privilege to attend #GHC19, the world’s largest gathering of women technologists. What an awesome experience !

I met tons of women from all over the world and attended a myriad of inspiring sessions. My absolute favorite from…

These were some of the lessons we learnt from our Meet the Boss session with Mohini.

As a woman in a tech company, you sometimes feel intimidated but hey keep your eyes open and work hard until you realize your dreams.

The session was with Mohini Ufeli a.k.a Mo, a Media Manager at Paystack, a technology company powering payments for businesses in Africa. Prior to Paystack, she spent over three years wearing many hats at Andela, which shared the common thread of helping to tell the Andela story.

Mohini studied English and Multimedia Journalism and her passion lies in exploring…

Girls, Technology, these are two words that never go together in the same sentence unless it was a sentence that said girls can’t be involved in the field of technology. However, revolutionaries have changed the way things are done, over the years; millennials are seeing are great increase in the numbers of females in the field of technology. We should take a break and look at these. According to the Oxford dictionary, technology is defined as scientific knowledge used in practical ways in industry. …

Favourites! We all have one of those, whether it’s that shoe you can’t let go off or that dress you simply refuse to outgrow. Maybe it’s the person you would rather miss an event than go out without or the celebrity you never get tired of celebrating. In my list of favourite things, I decide to bring up my favourite websites. Just like you and your favourites, these websites are my favourite for a reason- actually, different reasons. You may like that shoe because it’s comfy and especially on days where you may decide to trace your roots as a…

Is it too much time, or a reasonable amount? And is it helping you to be productive?

Surprisingly, for us internet savvy generation, it is pretty easy to get bigoted with the medium. Given the sheer scale of the internet, there is so much to see, do and learn and yet most of us find ourselves thinking otherwise. In this blog, I will talk about how much time I spend online each week and how useless or productive I find it. Trust me, there is a lot more to the internet than we think.

I believe the internet at this…

I participated in the just ended She Loves Innovation Bootcamp in Accra organized by Developers in Vogue . The purpose of the bootcamp was to women to pursue a career in tech by learning the fundamentals of web development with focus on Javascript and React.

This whole experience taught me a lot more than web development.

Luckily for me, there was an open opportunity to join the Bootcamp which I gladly did. After a while, I got to meet all the ladies and mentors. …

Code, Connect, Collaborate were the three magical words introduced to us at #STEM4G.

The #STEM4G bootcamp that was organized for females by Stanbic Bank Incubator (SB Incubator), Ghana in collaboration with Developers in Vogue on 18 th June 2018. With both parties sharing a common goal: promoting entrepreneurship through technology especially amongst Ghanaian females. I was fortunate to be amongst the 50 other ladies who were selected to participate in this journey.

SB Incubator provides entrepreneurial capacity development to young Ghanaians through a broad spectrum of incubator projects which seeks to develop skills relevant in today’s fast paced tech- driven…

Developers in Vogue

We train African females in the latest technologies and connect them to jobs. https://developersinvogue.org

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