Rejected ABC Game Shows

  1. Alec Baldwin Vs. A Tuna
  2. Celebrity Family Feud: Cage Fighting
  3. Punch a Gwyneth Paltrow
  4. Network Stars vs. The Death Penalty
  5. Here’s a Snake. Good Luck.
  6. The Gong Show: Damascus
  7. Can You Sleep Under a Bridge: Los Angeles
  8. The Singing Bee and 99 Other Bees With More Violent Talents
  9. Court of Appeals: Celebrity Edition
  10. Catching Mike Epps
  11. Richard Branson Burns Money
  12. Mike Rowe Murders White Collar Workers
  13. Talented Kids Bully Untalented Kids
  14. Man Vs. Wild vs. The Harlem Globetrotters
  15. Ugly People Sing Good
  16. Swim Far Please
  17. Are You Smart Enough To Get This 5th Grader in Your Van?
  18. Celebrity Dunk Tank: Somalia
  19. The Match Game: Celebrity Sex Offender Edition
  20. World’s Smartest Man Vs. Ten Dumbies with Knives
  21. Custody Battle of the Network Stars
  22. Human Plinko
  23. Eat It. Go Ahead. We Dare You.
  24. What’s Up With Math?
  25. The Drew Carrey Show