The 44 Other Members of the Village People

Everyone knows the Village People for their catchy songs “Y.M.C.A.” and “Macho Man,” and their costumes depicting various professions. But what few are aware of, save for those in the industry loop, is that there were more than six people in the group. In fact, there were 50 members, although most of them never received due credit for their contributions. Here, I’d like to highlight the lost 44 members of Village People, in hopes their stories, and their professions, will become part of the popular culture.

As we know, they had:

  1. The Cop
  2. The GI
  3. The Indian
  4. The Leather Man
  5. The Construction Worker
  6. The Cowboy

But how can we forget:

7. The Baker

8. Book Dealer

9. The Plumber, Donny Plumbo

10. A Kinda Rich Person

11. Judge Gornhart

12. John “Bonesaw” Bernard

13. Trash Man Van Sant

14. A Couple of Priests

15. History Buff

16. Surf Instructor Trent

17. The Trombone Tutor

18. Johnny Meatballs

19. Lonnie Meatballs

20. Johnny Meatballs, Jr.

21. The Ice Pick Vendor

22. Bob Dylan

23. The Haberdasher

24. Train Kid

25. The Surf Instructor

26. Gumble

27. The Tickler

28. Coach Shubitsky

29. The Director?

30. Mr. and Mrs. Gosh

31. Wet Ronald

32. Tony Danza

33. The Hands

34. “Mister Religious”

35. Uncle in the Attic

36. Salty Seymour

37. The Milked Man

38. Captain Fancy

39. A Missing Person

40. Wizard

41. [deceased]

42. [deceased]

43. [deceased]

44.Your Step-Dad Scott

45. Abducted Twins

46. Doctor Tease

Hopefully in time, these men will also be famous for their contributions to the thing we call “music.”