The Alternate Names Of The Beatles

The original cast of Three’s Company.

The Beatles: a band, a…that’s it. That’s what they were. Perhaps chefs, perhaps the world will never know. What we DO know, however, is they had many other proposed names before “The Beatles” was decided on after John asked Paul what global crisis demanded immediate attention.

Here is that list.

  1. We’re English!
  2. The Shouters
  3. Mr. and Mrs. Creeps
  4. Nice Boys, Inc.
  5. Welcome to Waffle Town
  6. George Harrison and “The Band?”
  7. The Alan Parsons Project
  8. JUMP!
  9. A Couple of Boys With Guitars That They Play. It’s Us. The Boys With Guitars. Except Ringo. He Brought Sticks.
  10. Smit Skuddy and The Noise Machine

There you have it. Another win for music history.