When People Don’t Support Your Healthier Lifestyle

It all starts after I went through such a hard year that changed my life drastically. I was mentally and physically ill. This experience has encouraged me to live a better lifestyle. There’s always been a difficult battle on my mind to leave my bad and destructive habits. Every day I had a rough night trying to keep my sanity intact. It was painful and really hard.

Currently I‘m doing much better than ever. I can’t say that I am fully recovered, but I keep progressing and I’m very excited. I eat better and do exercise regularly. I wrote about this on my other post. What I’m going to share here is my experience dealing with people who see me changing.

My parents seem to be the happiest one. They are very supportive with my new lifestyle. They praise me for regularly exercising, something that they had never seen for the past 25 years of my life. My best friend also support me and encourage me to do better. However, they are not living close with me so I can’t receive their motivation words very often.

Later, I find out that not everyone is supportive to my progress. Some people around me chose to be cynical. I was quite surprise by some of the things I heard from friends; some of the comments were particularly hurtful.

“You’re such a health-freak.”

“Are you on a diet? Wanna lose some weight?”

“Your’re not gonna make it. You’ll quit that next week.”

“She wants to look perfect for Mr X. She desperately like him.”

“Why are you not getting skinny after all of that food and exercise?”

“I thought you’re not snacking? What is the point of your exercise then?”

Do they sound familiar to you?

You may not have done something huge and amazing, but perhaps you’ve embraced a more positive way of life, and people just overwhelmed and disagreed. You would have expected more from people around you. I know how disheartening that can be. You expect support and encouragement from people you daily interact with only to be completely flawed, criticized, or worse, laughed at. It can be really hard to swallow all the “noise” around you.

I think it boils down to learning how to not care so much about what others think, and also, conversely, understanding what goes on in their minds.

Others May Not Fully Understand

I’ve always been a sensitive person for a long time. This trait helps me to gather more information and analyse nearly everything. I somehow disagree if someone say that I am ‘easily offended’ though I believe I am a deep thinker. I just have a strong aversion to bullshit. I hardly tolerate comments that are rude, unemphatic, apologetic, and shallow towards my substantial principal. It’s not that I don’t have a sense of humor, I do, definitely. Sometimes I throw sarcasm at its best. However, I’ve learned to be more cautious to pick an object of humor because every person might has different toleration to what we laugh at.

Some people enjoy making fun of someone’s body shape while others perhaps try hard to hide lifetime insecurities over their bodies. Some people may have been blessed with a perfect metabolism and some others must struggle to quit any kind of eating disorders. Some people do exercise to compete with others and some people do it for the sake of improving their self-esteem and mental health. We never fully understand what others may have endured.

Live to The Fullest

Healthier lifestyle is not merely about losing weight and getting perfect look. It’s about personal development. You start it with love and respect to your body. Then you go with learning to maintain that commitment and build a strong determination. When you have awareness to nourish your body with the greatest fuel to start your day, you will learn to appreciate more. The goal is to maintain a certain level of balance spiritually, physically, and mentally. It’s simple, but not easy. I’m still learning and progressing.

Don’t let objections from others become your truth and limit you from creating what you want in life. If you try to please everyone, it’s going to be next to impossible. So don’t bother. Keep your focus on what you want to do and why. So when people around you start to discourage you or laugh at you with one of those silly comments I mention above, just remember to ask below questions to yourself.

“Do you ever wake up with enthusiasm for the day ahead?”

“Do you ever have the high energy you need to do what you want?”

“Do you ever feel good under your skin despite your weight or body shape?”

“Do you ever feel more brave and move confident to take challenges in your life?”

“Do you ever feel grateful and thank your body for supporting you to do whatever you want to do?”

Yes, I’m obsessed with those feelings. I live my life this way because I want to live my life to the fullest.

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