UXology: How (DesignLive) Much Does it Cost?

This is going to be really rough.

I received an email from How Design pitching their conference. I’ve always wanted to attend one of these design conferences being a design-lover — it was pretty dreamy.

Anyway, I don’t know who this guy is, but he works for Pepsi, so he must know a little something and with a headline like “reveals how design innovation changes the way brands are built” are put in my face: sold!

I clicked one of the links to see this “best price” thing they had going on. I love deals, don’t you?

From the email, I land here (the main website for the conference):

Not a Traditional mini-site/landing page, but it’s good.

It has the CTA and what not. Not a traditional landing page, but still gives me what I want.

So, then I click the Register by “Jan 24 for the Best Price” button. This one:

Man, am I getting excited!


The hell is this?

I have to register before I can see my “best price”?!

The answer is apparently yes.

I’m assuming it’s because they have a deal system for those who are associated with How Design, but what about those who aren’t. They should probably get a clue as to how much this thing is going to cost them before you have to submit their information…

So then, I did what any other person would do in this situation…

I hit the back button.

I looked at the page again… no listing of the price. So, I did what most users would probably do next… I typed “price” in the search area. I got this:


As I expected from the get-go… deals specific to different tiers.

Maybe I was overreacting…

So, I wanted to see how long into the registration process before they revealed the “best price”.

Back to the original page after I clicked “Register by Jan 24 for the Best Price” button…

#1 Register with (social or) email

I chose email. I don’t hook up my social account to just anything.

#2 Lookup your past history

Where do I put my email? “Search?” Search what? Oh, me? Yeah you don’t have me in there. This is my first time. Did you even ask me that?

Okay, apparently company is important, whoops!

#3 Create your company n00b

I created the new “company”, which is essentially myself and then…

#4 Answer this long survey

I just want to see how much your dang tickets are! You can’t skip this survey by the way. They REALLY want these stats.

(fills out the survey)

THIS should have been asked on the first page as a yes or no question and then prompted the second look-up page.

Okay, I’m officially ready.

#5 TICKETS!!!!

Yes! Finally.

5 steps (for a n00b) just to find out how much the tickets are.

Other notes: after I chose my ticket price, you then have to go and select which sessions to attend. How do I know this right now? Maybe I had one or two that interest me, but what if I wanted to bop around? And, extra note:

“Selecting items below does not guarantee you a seat.”?

Why even ask me to do this section, then?

Now, I have to pick and choose what sessions I want… right now?

Yes! I would love to attend a session that doesn’t have a speaker yet.

My point is…

Just because a design looks pretty and seems pretty awesome, doesn’t mean it is. The user’s experience is just as important as is the marketing as is actual event. It’s the trifecta.

When one of those fails, it can bring down all the hard work you might have put into all the other pieces, so why skip on it?

Have someone else test your work.

There’s nothing like a good ‘ol review from my mom to make sure I’m on point. Ask friends, co-workers, your neighbor if they can get through this with minimal questions. Sometimes the curse of knowledge leave gaping holes in your process that could cost you dearly.

What are your thoughts on this?