Read this if you stay in bed all day with your mind buzzing with ideas

Can you be highly ambitious and lazy at the same time?

It’s 9 pm and you are already in bed with the lights switched off. You don’t want to sleep so early but you just can’t seem to convince your body to take the covers off and do something. You would lie there for hours before you fall asleep and think about all the things you have to do and all the things you want to do.

And you will convince yourself that tomorrow is the day when you start. But if you didn’t know any better, the cycle will only repeat.

It’s not like this everyday though.

Some days you manage to squeeze in one movie, or you write a poem, or maybe paint something or watch some tutorials or read a few pages of a book. But those are rare days and they only make the desire to live more stronger, and the regret of not doing so even stronger.

You wonder what’s the reason for this inertia? When did doing things you have always loved become so difficult? Is it because there is no motivation, or is it because you want rewards, or is it just plain laziness (You dread this).

When you start working in a job, your daytime is decided. You get up, rush through the chores, grab a bite (mostly not) and go for work. It’s the weekends you dread.

You have a never-ending to-do list and you feel crippled at the thought of actually doing those things.

What is really happening here?

Maybe it’s time to break the cycle of these thoughts and actually dig deeper to the reason of such behaviour.

Think about it. Are you eating more than you can chew? Or maybe you only want to see the end results quickly and that makes the journey seem extremely difficult and intimidating. If that’s the case, maybe you should start with smaller goals.

So how about instead of twenty things to finish, you limit your list to only three? Challenge yourself to finish those and then reward yourself with a nice treat.

If your goals seem too big, then first step would be to talk to people and gather more information. Everyone started somewhere and I am sure they will have something valuable to add to your beginning. You can understand their journey, their mistakes, their learning, their knowledge and just imbibe them in your own.

If you are just plain lazy then start imagining your life five years down the line. Something would stir inside you to take the leap.

Each one of us different but I am sure each one of us is here to write our own story. You don’t want yours to be ‘could have been’.

Sometimes, later becomes ‘never’.

It’s difficult to get out of those covers, I know but I will tell you that it’s worth it and once it happens you will never look back.

Devisha is a poet, painter and a fitness enthusiast. Read more of her works at her blog The Jinxed Loop.